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Breast Augmentation Surgery London. Our clinic aims to elevate the size and shape of your breasts safely with a simple same-day procedure.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation (commonly called “boob jobs”) is a procedure in which inserted implants enlarge and improve the shape of breasts. During the procedure, our qualified surgeon will make a small incision under the crease of your breast. After that, the surgeon then separates the muscle tissue from the connective tissue around your chest, creating a pocket before inserting the silicone breast implant and centering it behind the nipple. 

Fortunately, the procedure is swift, and you can usually return home within the same day. In addition, aftercare is included in your treatment package, meaning follow-up appointments are common to track your progression. Our surgeons can treat any immediate complications with no additional charge. In other words, breast augmentation  surgery is simply the most reliable treatment if you are looking for a permanent solution. 

Why do people choose to undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery?

There are many different reasons why women choose to undergo breast surgery. For some, it may be purely cosmetic reasons as you feel you want to enhance the appearance of your breasts, believing they are too small or oddly shaped. On the other hand, other women may desire breast surgery after they have experienced drastic changes to their bodies due to significant weight loss or pregnancy.

Additionally, breast augmentation could help you correct or restore your breasts if you have suffered from various conditions. For example, genetic conditions causing asymmetry between your breasts or developed ones like breast cancer in which one or more affected breasts lead to breast removal surgery.

Whatever your reasons, Pulse Light Clinic Cosmetics is keen to help you boost your self-confidence and improve your body image.

What happens during the Breast Augmentation procedure?

Breast enhancement or augmentation mammoplasty is an operation in which your surgeon makes a small single incision on the side of the breast. After which, the surgeon separates your muscle and breast tissue before inserting a silicone cup. Finally, the breast is inserted depending on the size of your current breasts, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

Over the muscle breast implants are typically favourable for people with larger breasts or particularly muscular women like bodybuilders, as they can look more natural and reduce the sagging of breasts.

Under the muscle, breast implants are typically favourable to people with smaller breasts as it reduces the chances of rippling (when the implant noticeably wrinkles and folds in the breast).

After the procedure, the surgeon stitches your incision together and covers your breasts with a dressing (compression cloth).

The operation should take between sixty to ninety minutes. Therefore, you will be able to go home the same day. 

Fortunately, the pain post-surgery should be pretty minor and treatable with over-the-counter medicine.

What will you need to do post breast Augmentation Surgery?

You may need to make some temporary lifestyle changes to maintain your health after the operation. These include:

  • Refrain from drinking for at least two days post-surgery.
  • Wearing a sports bra (surgical bra or compression cloth also works) for up to three months post-surgery
  • No exercise for at least a month
  • Avoid driving for at least one week.
  • Work – one to two weeks.

It should generally take four to six weeks to recover from breast implant surgery completely. Your breasts will look and feel more natural after a few months. You may need to come back after one or two weeks to remove the stitching.

You can sunbathe and fly with implants.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery FAQs

Is it painful having a breast augmentation?

In most cases, the pain after breast surgery is negligible. However, If you experience any discomfort, it will typically subside after taking over-the-counter painkillers.

Are breast implants worth it?

Whether it is purely for cosmetics or to solve body asymmetry, most women believe it is worth having breast surgery as it helps improve their self-esteem and body image.

How long do breast implants last?

The majority of breast implants last an average of ten years. After which, many women opt-in for further surgery.

How painful is breast augmentation surgery?

As you would be under anaesthetic, you will not feel any pain during the procedure.

How much is breast augmentation?

Breast enhancement surgery generally costs between 3500-8000GBP.

What is the most common age for breast augmentation surgery?

Most women undergo breast surgery between 35 to 50 years of age.

How long should I refrain from intercourse after breast augmentation?

You should refrain from sexual activity for one-month post breast enlargement surgery.

How many post-op appointments come after breast augmentation surgery?

It is standard to have multiple appointments after your breast implant operation to ensure your safety.

Can I drink alcohol after breast augmentation surgery?

You must avoid alcohol for two days after breast surgery.

After breast augmentation, how long should you wear a surgical/sports bra?

We recommend wearing either one of these options for three months.

How long do I have to sleep sitting up after breast augmentation?

It is strongly recommended you sleep elevated by 30 to 45 degrees for six weeks.

Does breast enhancement surgery require an overnight stay?

After breast surgery, you will typically not need to stay overnight.

How long does the breast expansion procedure take?

Breast enlargement surgery will take between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your body type and surgeon.

How long does it take to recover from breast implant surgery?

It should generally take four to six weeks to recover from breast implant surgery completely.

What is breast implant illness?

Breast implant illness or BII refers to a wide range of symptoms developed after breast enhancement surgery.

These symptoms include but aren't limited to fatigue, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, respiratory dry mouth, poor concentration, and more.

However, the chances of this occurring in any woman are meagre, meaning the majority of practices and medical professionals do not acknowledge it.

Are there fundamental differences between breast augmentation and implants?

Breast augmentations are a category of procedures. On the other hand, breast implants are synthetic accessories used to enlarge breasts through insertion.

What is aftercare like for breast augmentation?

Aftercare is included in your treatment package, meaning follow-up appointments are common to track your recovery. Our surgeons can treat any immediate complications with no additional charge. In other words, breast augmentation surgery is simply the most reliable treatment if you are looking for a permanent solution.

What are the side effects of breast augmentation?

Scarring - Scarring is common in any surgical procedure. For breast augmentation, scarring may potentially change the shape of the implant, making it appear unnatural. Though there are measures to avoid or minimise scarring during and after your surgery, some scarring is unavoidable for breast augmentation. In addition, the amount of scarring will depend on the skill of your surgeon. Thankfully, our expert surgeons' focal point is to keep scarring to a minimum.

Pain - Though usually minor, It is common to feel some pain or discomfort following your breast augmentation surgery. In most patients, the pain lasts up to five days. Generally, over-the-counter painkillers like paracetamol should help suppress this pain.

Infection - Fortunately, infection is an unlikely symptom of breast augmentation. However, if you are susceptible to infections or have a weakened immune system, you should raise your concerns with your physician as you may need additional care.

Anaesthetic reaction - Reactions are certainly the most dangerous of all immediate side effects with surgical procedures in general. The symptoms following a reaction vary between patients but include a rash, hives, severe itchiness, swelling, drop in blood pressure, shortness of breath, coughing, etc. Fortunately, reacting to anaesthesia is extremely rare and largely preventable.

Changes in nipple and breast sensation - Nipple sensation can intensify or diminish after breast augmentation. Fortunately, nipple sensation is only temporary in most cases and returns after a few weeks or months. In sporadic cases, loss of sense can potentially be permanent.

Implant position changes - If placed incorrectly, an implant can rotate within the breast, causing the breast to have an abnormal appearance. This complication is incredibly unlikely. However, the implant may need to be removed or repositioned if it does occur.

Implant leakage, rupture or folding - Your implant could leak, rupture or fold, causing the breast to change shape or even form lumps known as siliconomas. Any changes in the structure of your implants will need an implant removal surgery to correct.

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