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Dr Natalia Perez, MBBS MSc MRCGP MBCAM, is a highly skilled and experienced medical aesthetics doctor with over 20 years of clinical expertise in general practice and aesthetics. Based at Pulse Light Clinic, Dr Natalia combines her clinical knowledge with dermatology and her love of the artistry of rejuvenating aesthetic treatments.
Specialising in various treatments such as injectables, skin boosters and mesotherapy, Dr Natalia also offers IV therapy and sclerotherapy. She is dedicated to delivering natural but effective results to boost patients’ health, wellness and self-esteem.

Accreditation: BCAM – British College of Aesthetic Medicine
Years practicing: 20 years

Born in Columbia, Dr Natalia graduated from the University of Antioquia and holds a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Cordoba in Spain. Since arriving in the UK, Dr Natalia has worked at several prestigious clinics. With a wealth of experience, she is a highly respected practitioner passionate about helping her patients restore their inner confidence with bespoke and effective treatments. Dr Natalia is dedicated to investing time into her continued professional development.
She regularly keeps up to date with the latest techniques and advances in the industry and has embarked on further study with a Post-Diploma in Clinical Dermatology. As a highly respected aesthetic practitioner, Dr Natalia also shares her expertise through various teaching and training

Accredited by the British Medical Association, Save Face and the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Natalia is committed to delivering bespoke, effective treatments that prioritise her patients’ safety. An advocate of how wellness impacts the whole quality of life and passionate about helping people age well, Dr Natalia wholeheartedly shares Pulse Light Clinic’s philosophy of balancing patients’ physical & emotional wellness by achieving beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Hair Transplant PLC Cosmetic mobile

Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplants using ARTAS, an advanced AI designed to achieve a new standard of results, with virtually undetectable scarring and fast recovery times.

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Vaser Lipo PLC Cosmetic mobile


Eradicate stubborn fat virtually anywhere. VASER Liposuction reveals muscle tone by removing fat in targeted areas while remaining minimally invasive relative to Legacy Liposuction.

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Breast Augmentation PLC Cosmetic mobile

Breast Augmentation with Implants

Enhance your breasts using implants designed to improve the breast shape safely, executed by one of our expert doctors, trained explicitly to minimise scarring.

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Blepharoplasty PLC Cosmetic mobile


Reshape your eyelids to rejuvenate your eyes for a younger, more vibrant look. With Blepharoplasty, you can reverse conditions such as droopy eyelids, puffy eyes or even Ptosis.

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Inverted Nipple Removal PLC Cosmetic mobile

Inverted Nipple Surgery

Easily correct your inverted nipples with a minimally-invasive procedure carried out by our highly accredited doctors.

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Third Nipple PLC Cosmetic mobile

Removal of Third Nipple

Boost your Self-esteem with a simple excision surgery removing your third nipple (polythelia). Third nipple removal is a minor surgery with same-day releases and swift recovery.

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Cyst PLC Cosmetic mobile

Surgery for Cysts

Abolish any unwanted cysts and free yourself from all potential soreness or discomfort. By virtue of our outstanding team of specialists, Cyst removal is an easy and often painless procedure.

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Wart PLC Cosmetic mobile

Surgery for Warts

Remove stubborn and invasive Warts to relieve pain and boost your self-esteem. Our surgeons use two methods to remove warts, cryotherapy (less invasive) and excision (more reliable).

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Skin Surgery Treatments

Skin Cancer Surgery PLC Cosmetic mobile

Skin Cancer surgery

Eliminate Melanoma and Non-Melanoma skin cancer through our expert doctors and various surgical techniques catered to your circumstances.

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Carpel Tunnel PLC Cosmetic Mobile

Hand surgery for carpal tunnel

Free your wrist from pain or discomfort with our minimally invasive, advanced single-day carpal tunnel decompression surgery.

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Cryotherapy PLC Cosmetic mobile


Cryotherapy is a new advancement in medical surgery and can treat a range of lesions, including skin cancers, warts, lipomas and more, without being invasive.

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Trigger finger surgery PLC mobile

Surgery for Triggered Finger

Advanced trigger release surgery restores mobility of any digit affected by stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger) with a simple single-day procedure.

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Lipoma hand surgery PLC mobile

Surgery For Lipoma

Effortlessly remove overgrown fat cells known as Lipomas through excision or cryotherapy by way of our well-renowned doctors.

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Ganglion hand surgery PLC mobile

Ganglion Cyst Surgery

Professionally terminate ganglion cyst wrist pain with carefully executed excision carried out by our skilled team of doctors.

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Skin Lesions PLC Cosmetic mobile

Surgery for skin lesions

Our experienced London-based surgeons will abolish your skin lesions with same-day releases, housing a walk-in, walk-out format.

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Mole Removal PLC Cosmetic mobile

Surgery for Moles

Eliminate blemishing moles (beauty marks) with an incredibly straightforward and minimally invasive procedure known as excision.

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