Skin Surgery Treatments

Skin Cancer Surgery PLC Cosmetic mobile

Skin Cancer surgery

Eliminate Melanoma and Non-Melanoma skin cancer through our expert doctors and various surgical techniques catered to your circumstances.

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Carpel Tunnel PLC Cosmetic Mobile

Hand surgery for carpal tunnel

Free your wrist from pain or discomfort with our minimally invasive, advanced single-day carpal tunnel decompression surgery.

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Cryotherapy PLC Cosmetic mobile


Cryotherapy is a new advancement in medical surgery and can treat a range of lesions, including skin cancers, warts, lipomas and more, without being invasive.

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Trigger finger surgery PLC mobile

Surgery for Triggered Finger

Advanced trigger release surgery restores mobility of any digit affected by stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger) with a simple single-day procedure.

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Lipoma hand surgery PLC mobile

Surgery For Lipoma

Effortlessly remove overgrown fat cells known as Lipomas through excision or cryotherapy by way of our well-renowned doctors.

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Ganglion hand surgery PLC mobile

Ganglion Cyst Surgery

Professionally terminate ganglion cyst wrist pain with carefully executed excision carried out by our skilled team of doctors.

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Skin Lesions PLC Cosmetic mobile

Surgery for Skin Lesions

Our experienced London-based surgeons will abolish your skin lesions with same-day releases, housing a walk-in, walk-out format.

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Mole Removal PLC Cosmetic mobile

Surgery for Moles

Eliminate blemishing moles (beauty marks) with an incredibly straightforward and minimally invasive procedure known as excision.

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